Cub Scout packs are run by parents who have volunteered their time to be committee members, den leaders, assistant den leaders, cub master, etc.  We encourage all parents to get involved, as this will make the overall scouting experience for your scout(s) the best possible.

Below are some basic questions that are typically asked by parents.  Click on the question to get more information about that subject.  If you are interested in helping out, please click HERE and you will be directed to fill out the form. After you fill out the form and submit it, we will contact you with more information.

Training is important for packs to ensure a quality scouting program. All training is online and FREE.  There are different online courses for different positions within the pack.

The one training that is needed by all volunteers is the “Youth Protection Training“.
Steps to Getting Trained:
Step #1: Create a free online account with
Step #2: Locate “training” on the left navigation menu, and click on “E-learning”
Step #3: Scroll down to the list of training’s, and click on “Take Course” next to Youth Protection Training.
Step #4: Complete the Course and print out the certificate for the “Youth Protection Training”
Additional Training:
If you are planning to be an adult leader there are training’s that you can take to help prepare you for those leadership roles.
Leader Specific Training:
 – Tiger Den Leader
 – Wolf Den Leader
 – Bear Den Leader
 – Webelos Den Leader
 – Cubmaster
 – Pack Trainer
 – Pack Committee
Fast Start “orientation” training:
 – Den Leader Fast Start
 – Cubmaster Fast Start
 – Pack Committee Fast Start

The time required will depend on the leadership role that you participate in with the Pack. Den Leaders will have more time required of them, because of the weekly/bi-weekly meetings. Many parents already plan on attending the den meetings and pack meetings, so the actual volunteer time outside of the meetings could be the committee meeting which is approximately 2 hours once a month. The average volunteer time is approximately 1 hour per week.

Being a leader is fun, challenging, and rewarding.  Leaders find that their experiences help them to become better parents, the following are some of the many dividends that will enrich your life as you dedicate your time, talent and enthusiasm for Scouting:
  • Fun and fellowship with other families, sharing your pride in the boys’ accomplishments
  • The privilege of helping to enrich and strengthen families.
  • A chance to help boys learn good citizenship and to help shape them into men who have strength of character and are sensitive to the need of others.
  • The opportunity to help make a difference in the lives of boys as they grow strong in mind and body.
  • A code to live by which will set a worthwhile example for both boys and adults.