Scouting is the greatest activity any youth can participate in, as it prepares youth to be successful as the future leaders of not only our country, but of the world. Cub Scouting is different than any other program in that it is centered in the home and neighborhood. With the encouragement of family and leaders, scouts enjoy a program that covers a wide variety of interesting topics from music to sports to community service to history all while teaching the scouts how to be a productive and effective member of society.

Scouting has been an integral part of my life. Some of the most exciting times in my life center around Scouting. Whether its racing a Pinewood Derby car down the track, camping in the wilderness, or shooting off a rocket; Scouts gave me the opportunity to do things I might not otherwise have had the chance to do.

Today more than ever, Scouting ensures that youth have the opportunity to maximize their potential to succeed. The opportunity to succeed is within each and everyone of us, and Scouting is the best vehicle by which every scout can unlock that potential in a safe and fun filled family atmosphere.

On behalf of all the leaders of Pack 399, we look forward to helping your child succeed, not only in scouts, but in life.

Yours in Scouting,



Chad N. Pfister